The Forge
The Forge
A place where God's love works and family grows

The Forge

A place where God’s love works and family grows

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Our Mission

A Christian charity set up to bring the lonely and marginalised into community, where they can develop skills and purpose, which enable them to thrive and flourish in society.


Our Vision

We are on a journey to start a charity on a farm in the Watford area, which offers therapeutic activities that build self-esteem and confidence. We want to establish healthy relationships with those who are lonely and struggling to engage in society, and grow a family that reflects God’s unconditional love.

The farm would support adults who have slipped through the net of state-provided care, and due to a lack of support and/or skills have found themselves isolated.

The charity would deliver a range of daytime therapeutic activities, from working with livestock and plants, to carrying out maintenance work on the farm. We would supplement these projects with life-skill training, including reading and writing, cooking, and computer literacy.

There are several charities in Watford tackling homelessness. We want to offer something complementary to these, taking beneficiary referrals from these organisations, alongside the local council.




We are currently seeking suitable land in the Watford area to facilitate this vision. Ideally, this would be easily accessible from Watford town centre, with the appropriate amenities needed for a working farm.

We are actively spreading the word regarding the vision for The Forge and trust God will open the door to the right place for it to be established.



Intentions for the site

Once we have secured a suitable location, we will implement the necessary infrastructure to facilitate a site that is:

  • Safe

    • Ensure safe access, creating an entrance and constructing pathways as necessary, in order to bring people in without disrupting neighbours, and enable access for agricultural vehicles

    • Establish working relationships with existing local charities and local councils to ensure that all those who stand to benefit from our projects can access them through a referrals process

  • Welcoming

    • Create a space for providing family meals to all those on site, suitable for being used as a venue to host life-skill classes

    • Run projects that build community, self-esteem, and confidence in those who are isolated, lonely, or in need

  • Workable

    • Clear the land and fence off areas to create workable fields as required

    • Introduce animals and ensure there is provision for housing them throughout the year

    • Erect poly tunnels to grow fruit and vegetables

We will look to achieve this with the guidance of good friends and family who have expertise in farm management and the charity sector. We will rely on external support, both in the form of finances and volunteers. In addition we would apply for relevant charity grants to support our work. As our finances allow, we would employ members of staff that will enable us to support a greater number of people.


What now?

We recently put an offer in on a farm in the local area, which we believed presented an opportunity for us to establish the charity. Although we were not successful in purchasing the site we were extremely encouraged by the enthusiasm and support which grew not only within our immediate communities, but further afield also.

If you are interested in speaking to us further with regards to the charity we would love to speak to you.